Having a ball pit is mandatory for every playhouse. However, this favorite playground of children can be a breeding ground for numerous germs and bacterias.

The traditional cleaning of ball pits is extremely time-consuming, requiring a lot of people and patience. That's why playhouses either do not spend time and energy on it at all, or only very rarely. Yet, keeping bacteria and viruses away from playhouses, protecting the health of children during this virus-stricken period, is more important than ever before.

What’s the solution?

The ball cleaning machine, as this equipment is the fastest and most efficient mobile solution on the market for cleaning ball pit balls. With the help of the machine, balls can be quickly, simply, and easily cleaned, even with the involvement of just one person.

Cleaning 15,000 balls per hour is not impossible!

Using the ball cleaning machine does not require skilled personnel or special technical conditions. All that is needed for operation is a plug and a tap to fill the water tank. If these are provided, the machine can clean up to 15,000 balls per hour.

The device has two modes of operation, between which the user can choose. If the goal is merely to collect the balls, the suction unit should be started, which sucks in the balls through the suction tube, like a vacuum cleaner. With this method, up to 60,000 balls can be collected per hour.

If there is also a need to clean the balls besides collecting them, the first step is to fill the tank with water (80-100 liters) and special washing liquid, then start the cleaning unit in addition to the suction unit. Thanks to the detergent water and the rotating brushes, the balls are guaranteed to come out of the machine clean.

The collected and cleaned balls are placed into a mesh bag, from which they can easily be returned to the pit after cleaning and drying.

Responsible minds insist on cleaning!

In most European countries, there is still no hygiene regulation that would prescribe regular cleaning of the balls in playhouses. Nevertheless, more and more playhouse owners and operators are interested in the cleaning machine.

According to a study by the Dutch IJselland University of Technology, using the device reduces the amount of pathogens on the surface of the balls by 75% even if only clean water is used in the ball cleaning machine. With the addition of cleaning and antibacterial agents, more than 95% of bacteria are killed.

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For the usage and operation of the ball cleaning machine there’s no need for qualified crew or special technical conditions. Only a standard 230V electrical socket and a tap are needed, where the tank can be filled with water. In case these conditions are given, you have all you need for the machine to work.

Before usage, the user can decide which of the two modes will be selected. If the goal is just to collect the balls, then only the suction unit needs to be turned on on the machine, which releases the balls through the suction tube like a vacuum cleaner. If the balls need to be cleaned during collection, the first step is to fill the tank with water (80-100 liters) and then beside the suction unit the cleaning unit also needs to be started. In this cleaning mode, the balls become completely clean with a help of the water containing the special detergent and the rotating brush.

The balls – collected and cleaned - popping out of the machine are getting into a net bag, from which they can be easily poured back to the pool after cleaning and drying.

Over 25 years of experience

The first ball cleaning machine was launched in 1994. In the last 25 years it has undergone a number of developments from generation to generation. The primary aspect was to increase cleaning and collecting capacity. Besides, the designers aimed to make the machine easier to use with ergonomic solutions and to reduce the weight of the equipment significantly for easier moving. As a result of the improvements, the current BBW2020 model is the best cleaning machine on the market.

Proven efficiency

Unfortunately, there are currently no hygiene regulations in Hungary and most European countries that would recommend or require regular cleaning of balls in playhouses. Nevertheless, more and more responsible owners and operators are interested in the ball cleaning machine, as the health risks posed by dirty balls can be minimized by its usage.

According to a study by the IJselland Technical University in the Netherlands, using the BBW2020 model reduces the number of pathogens on the surface of balls by 75%, even if the ball cleaning machine is filled with clean water only without the use of any detergent or disinfectant. Further tests proved, that more than 95% of bacteria - including E. coli, MRSA, viruses, and fungi - were destroyed by adding detergents and disinfectants.