EURO-MATIC has been producing hollow plastic balls since 1965. Over the years our company has become one of the best manufacturers offering the largest supply of plastic balls in the world thanks to our technical knowledge and premium quality goods. Our motto – Quality without compromise – has merged with our name, Euro-Matic, and our plastic balls have become the standard all over the world.

We sell most of our balls in Europe, but we can proudly say that our products are already present on every continent, as we have delivered balls to Peru, Ecuador, the United States, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Armenia.

About us

The production of the balls started in Denmark in 1965. In 2006, the whole plant was relocated to Budapest, Hungary, where production continued smoothly in the usual Euro-Matic quality. In 2014, the company became fully Hungarian owned and since then production takes place in the Budapest plant under the name EURO-MATIC Kft.

Due to the wide range of our balls, their application is also exceptionally diverse. Our products are used in indoor playgrounds, on different events, for therapeutic purposes, on private fish ponds, reservoirs and also on airports. Industrial use: in electroplating and anodizing plants, on waste water treatment plants, in mines, in tanks and many other areas where liquids coverage can’t be solved by conventional methods. On our website we try to demonstrate the different usages of the each ball type and give recommendations by presenting the advantages of the balls and for what purposes they have been used already.

Euro-Matic Kft. aims to continue playing a leading role in plastic ball production both in the domestic and international markets and serve customer needs to the maximum. That’s why we constantly develop and modernize our manufacturing tools to produce our products on the highest possible quality, efficiency and automation. To achieve our goals, we operate a quality management system in accordance with Directive MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015.