Manufacture of custom products

Our company is mainly engaged in the production of plastic balls, but we are also capable to produce any other type of hollow plastic parts. Our machines, production technology and professional crew allow us to manufacture and deliver any hollow body, that can be produced by extrusion blow molding to our customers in the highest quality (just like our balls). We can produce our products in a wide range of size - from 0.1 to 60 liters - in medium and large serial production. If the product is very special and unique - we are open to produce only a few pieces or a smaller series for you. Thanks to these flexible manufacturing capabilities, our partners come from various industries, including branches that require high quality and precision, such as the manufacture of medical devices.

We undertake the complete project management of technical products from the design of the product till organizing the delivery. If only professional support is needed, our engineers can get involved in pre-production design processes. After examining the drawings and 3D models of the imagined product, they can help in the design at the production site; in designing and the manufacture of the tooling too.