We are pleased to share the news that our company, Euro-Matic Kft., has joined the Hungarian Water Partnership (HWP). The HWP is a nonprofit professional organization that promotes the development of knowledge, products, solutions, and services in the Hungarian water industry sector, as well as their entry into international markets. Its members include Hungarian-owned, export-oriented water industry companies, as well as businesses related to the water industry sector.

Why is the HWP important to us?

Through our HWP membership, we may have the opportunity to participate in solving water industry challenges and special projects for which our shade balls offer a perfect solution. Thus, the collaboration creates opportunities for our company towards international markets, enabling us to contribute to solving global water management problems with our products and services.

What are the goals of the HWP?

The primary goal of the HWP is to encourage the export of its member companies, as well as to support their cost-effective and competitive presence in global markets. In addition, the association promotes the cooperation of its members with foreign companies, domestic professional organizations, export financing and international organizations, and foreign professional associations.

Why Did We Decide to Join?

For Euro-Matic Kft. it is important to participate in the development of the water industry sector and contribute to the dissemination of sustainable water management solutions. Thanks to our HWP membership, we have the opportunity to directly connect with industry leaders, share our knowledge, and collaborate on solving global water problems. This collaboration not only strengthens our company but also enhances the position of the Hungarian water industry sector in the international market.

According to our vision, membership opens a new chapter for our company, and we look forward to the joint work that will help solve the world's water management problems.