530 mm
3000.00 g
Plastic & metal


Euro-Matic KollectaBall           

The unique solution for collecting Euro-Matic Playpen balls: 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 80mm

This user-friendly device is as easy as using a long-handled brush and can collect up to 60 balls within seconds and comes with a unique dispensing system that enables the user to empty the balls quickly and efficiently back into the playpen area


  1. Quick, easy and even fun! Save your back, no more bending over to retrieve balls
  2. Fast and easy collection with Ingenious way to make collecting up to 60 playpen balls
  3. Easy release with unique and simple V-Opener spreads wires to dispense collected balls
  4. Hang handle hook makes storage a breeze.
  5. Spare set of wires supplied with each order.
  6. No mechanical or power required

ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Ships in a flat box and requires a 30-minute assembly. Video assembly instructions are available online.

Download: Assembly Instruction