16 October 2020

An aesthetic pond covering solution for the winter

Installing the Fish Ball has a number of benefits, plus it’s a truly aesthetic solution. This can be clearly seen in the pictures received from one of our customers. Moreover, the peculiarity of the photos is that they were taken at a garden pond with a traditional roof. The attractive and modern design of the Fish Balls can also be advantageous in this case.


Fish pond or Insulation Ball

Euro-Matic insulation balls are the perfect solution for covering heated fish ponds in a cold season.

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Installation of a heat-insulating layer of EURO-MATIC Fish balls to your pond, gives you 91% coverage of a surface and slowing down the freezing point of the pond water, resulting in significant heating cost savings for heated ponds and delaying freezing for unheated ones.

The big advantage of balls over other pond cover solutions is that they let in natural light and are not airtight, making them a perfect solution for fish well being. They are very easy to install – the balls have to be released from the packaging onto the surface of the pond, and they can be easily removed with the help of a net in the spring as the temperature rises. As the weather gets colder – you could easily reuse balls again.

Keeping the balls on the surface of the water even during the summer is not a problem,and even has its own advantages: evaporation of water loss can be drastically reduced and algae formation can be reduced or even completely stopped. A simple layer of EURO-MATIC balls provides many benefits to the user, but also is an aesthetic solution, that gives a beautiful look to your fish pond.



Technical data

Diameter38/50 mm oval (szferoid)60 mm
Weight8,3 g9 g
Colorclear, transparent blue, transparent green
Packaging1000 pcs/pack500 pcs/pack
Quantity465 pcs/m2320 pcs/m2