Bio based plastic ball
Discover the future of sustainability with bio-based plastic balls! Revolutionary, eco-friendly, and perfect for a greener world.

Choose the future with our eco-friendly innovation: Euro-Matic's new bio-based plastic balls. Ensuring a safe, sustainable environment for generations, these balls not only minimize manufacturing's environmental impact but also embody the well known Euro-Matic quality. Experience the same superior durability in a greener form. Embrace a sustainable future with our bio-based balls, where premium quality meets environmental consciousness.


  • 60 mm
    • for kindergartens
  • 75 mm
    • standard size


    • Standard colors
      • white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue
    • Other colours
      • 30 other available colors from our current color range
    • Mixed color bags
      • a mixture of 2-3-4-5-6 colors
    • Individual colors
      • any special colors can be produced based on RAL or Pantone scale

    100% Bio-based Plastic 

    Our new ball pit balls are made from 100% bio-based plastic derived from sugarcane and cornstarch, contributing to environmental protection. This material is renewable and recyclable, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics.

    Reduced Ecological Footprint

    I'm green' bio-based material comes from biomass, which absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its growth. The cultivation of sugarcane contributes to the restoration of depleted areas in the southern part of Brazil, which is more than 2000 kilometers away from the rainforest. Sugarcane is cultivated on only 1% of Brazil's territory, 3% of the country's arable land, and 95% of the production occurs on degraded pasture lands.

    During its growth, sugarcane absorbs CO₂ from the atmosphere, and when plastic is made from sugarcane-based ethanol instead of fossil-based materials, approximately 5 kg of CO₂ is saved per kilogram of plastic

    Available with Antibacterial Protection

    Offered in an antibacterial version as well, where the surface of the balls is 99.99% bacteria-free, thus ensuring the prevention of cross-contamination between the balls. This option represents a significant advantage for playhouses and institutions where hygiene is crucial, especially in common play areas frequented by many children."

    Guarantee and Lifetime

    Our bio balls are just as durable as their traditional models, ensuring long-term use.

    Due to strict quality control and rigorous testing procedures, we offer a 2-year guarantee for every Playpen Ball in case of conventional use. It is important to note, that the service life is multiple times the guarantee, as our balls do not burst under extreme, playhouse conditions either. The replacement of our balls is generally due to aesthetics as their surface loses their shininess.


    When selecting the raw materials, we sought to maximize compliance with stress arising from use, safety and health requirements for toys (Directive 2009/48/EC). Hence, according to the authorities of the European Union and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the raw materials we use are even suitable for food packaging.

    Playpen Balls are guaranteed to be BPA, phthalate and PVC free.