16 October 2020

Bird Ball™ balls in sewage treatment plants

Microorganisms that perform biological treatment play a key role in modern, environmentally friendly sewage treatment technologies. Their cleaning efficiency and multiplication are decisively influenced by the temperature of the wastewater. To prevent cleaning problems arising from inappropriate temperatures, experts in the field of sewage treatment suggest that it is advisable to cover the surface of the cleaning pools. Outdoor covering balls are perfect for this purpose, as they help to maintain the ideal temperature of the cleaning pools by forming a coherent layer of thermal insulation on top of the wastewater. Their use can significantly reduce the risk of frost in winter and provide an ideal temperature for microorganisms, as the cooling process is slowed down due to the thermal insulation effect of the balls. Furthermore, in summer, due to the insulation, wastewater temperature hardly rises above 25 °C. For some sewage treatment technologies, wastewater heating is inevitable during colder periods. In these cases, heating cost savings can be up to 75% by using outdoor covering balls, as the layer of balls floating on the surface provides thermal insulation, so the energy loss is much lower.

In recent years, we have had several projects where our partners have set the goal of reducing the heating costs of wastewater pools, with one of our food industry partners in Hungary among them. The water-filled Bird Ball™ balls were purchased from us in two installments, so they could confirm the effectiveness of our balls. The goal was to cover a total of 4 pools, of which 2 pools were covered with balls in the first round, while the other two remained uncovered. During the test which was performed over several months, the effectiveness of the covering layer of balls was verified, so the covering of the other two pools took place without question as well. In the course of another project in Belgium, Bird Ball™ balls have proved to be a big success in the heated pools of a residential wastewater treatment plant, as the heating season became much shorter thanks to it. For projects that resulted in heating cost savings, the investment costs of the balls can ideally be justified just within a year, which is very favorable as we provide a 10-year warranty on the balls, though their service life is several times the warranty period. We can conclude, that a quick return of investment and long-lasting cost savings can be achieved by choosing outdoor cover balls.


Cover balls

The Euro-Matic outdoor cover ball is the best choice for airports, mines, sewage treatment plants and livestock farms, as well as for covering reservoirs.

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What is a cover ball?

The cover ball is a hollow high quality plastic ball that can be used to create a continuous cover layer on the surface of liquids. Depending on the amount of balls placed on a given surface, they can cover up 91% of the surface in a regular shape, self-arranging next to each other. This cover layer separates and isolates the open surface of the liquid from its surroundings, i.e. it significantly reduces the effect of the liquid on the environment and vice versa. In English, several names are used for these balls, often referred to as ‘shade ball’, ‘cover ball’, ‘armor ball’, ‘barrier ball’, or ‘bird ball’. We, as a proud European Manufacturer, call them cover ball and Bird Ball™.



How does it work? What can it be used for?

The cover balls have countless benefits, so it can be used in many diverse areas. Those advantages usually help our partners to achieve their goals for cost-saving, more efficient water management, safer work environment, environment and nature protection. Thus, the Bird Ball™ is an excellent solution for reducing evaporation, preserving water quality, preventing algae formation, keeping birds away, camouflaging the water surface, thermal insulation, reducing heating costs, reducing the release of toxic gases and vapors, reducing unpleasant odors, covering hazardous materials and many more, where cost savings or other beneficial effects can be achieved as a result of use.


Bird Ball™Water-filled Bird Ball™Self-Filling Ball®
Diameter100 mm100 mm100 mm
Weight40 g240 g40 g
UV resistanceYesYesYes
Warranty10 years10 years10 years
Wind resistanceUp to 80 km/hUp to 150 km/hUp to 150 km/h
PackagingBig-bag, cardboard or in bulkBig-bag or in bulkBig-bag, cardboard or in bulk
Quantity116 balls/m2116 balls/m2116 balls/m2