Bird Ball

Technical Details

Black, UV stabilised High Density Polyethylene

Bird Ball Diameter:
100mm (4″)

Surface Coverage:
116 Bird Balls per m² (10 per ft²)

Nominal weight:
40g (air filled), 240g (water filled)

The perfect solution to camouflage open water ponds at airports from waterfowl

What are they? A simple solution to deter birds from open water ponds: Gold Mines-Airports-Rain Water Collection Basins.

Waterfowl attracted to areas of open water put themselves and humans at risk. A floating layer of Euro-Matic Bird Ball™ successfully camouflages the liquid and birds fail to recognise the ponds.

Bird Balls® are 100mm diameter UV stabilised black hollow plastic balls, manufactured in High Density Polyethylene. The balls float on the surface of a liquid, automatically arranging themselves into a close packed formation to completely cover the liquid surface.

Euro-Matic Bird Balls are fully operational at Heathrow airport, London, UK.

Advantages of a floating ball blanket:

  • Simple to install
  • Maintenance free
  • UV stabilised HDPE, with over ten years life expectancy
  • Accommodates
    • Floating platforms
    • Aerators
  • balls rise and fall with changing liquid levels
  • easily accommodates objects such as floating pump barges or aerators
  • reduces sunlight penetration and algae formation
  • maintains higher water temperature in winter
  • balls unaffected by snow
  • reduces water evaporation