About us

EURO-MATIC Ltd. is one of the most versatile plastic ball manufacturers in the world having the largest range of balls for play areas, industrial applications, medical applications and for coverage in different areas such as airports, waste water treatments,lagoons, ponds, tanks, mines, etc.

Our strength lies in continuous product improvements and in our wide distributing network. We pay special attention to the changes in the market and we strive to keep up with technical development.

EURO-MATIC Ltd. in Budapest, Hungary was formed in September, 2014 by a hungarian individual and is the successor of the branch of ball production at Weener Plastic Ltd.
In 2005 the Weener group bought up the Danish company EURO MATIC of which the profile was the production of technical and playpen balls made of plastic. The whole engine park and the production of plastic balls were taken in by the company’s factory located in Budapest, Hungary where the manufacture and the serving of customers started at the end of 2006.

EURO MATIC had/has a prestigious past in the field of ball production. The manufacture of hollow plastic ball began in 1965 and the playpen balls in 1965 in Denmark. Beside the production, this know-how and system was taken over from the Danish technicians and adopted in Hungary. This inheritance is still well used at the local factory.
We remain totally committed to the highest level of quality and service – ensuring our success in business – whilst understanding the need to focus heavily to the efficiency of our production operations to remain competitive.

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